Introduced himself as the "Armageddon Musick" from Philippines


Cesar Famintanco Jr.
Zone 1, Mahayag, Buhangin
Davao City 8000




I sent to him for exchange 10 CDs in 18/06/13, but I still not received anything from him.


Introduced like "the publisher of ROCK UNDERGROUND, the THIRD BRAZILIAN METAL MAGAZINE".

Few years ago (in 2013) i have sent to him some copies for reviews and interview.

No review and interview.

At this moment he sent message again at another my email. All the same like in 2013, the same messages and answers. (I think he just copy/paste it)


AT Julio Cesar Bocater

Rua Rogerio Armelin Guanaes, 360 apto 76

Penha – SP/SP

CEP: 03732-160



I sent him 20 CDs for trade in 18/05/16, but got from him only messages about any problems and promises to send parts of the trade in the near future. But still nothing.
I recommend not to work with his band EVILTERROR because is a regular ripp-offers.

Cristhian Andres Benitez Pacheco

Cedula :1032385531

Address : Calle 72 # 20 -28 san felipe

City: Bogotá Colombia

phone : 3174451800

I have sent $350 for recording vocal for last album of Hell's Thrash Horemen in end of july 2014, $20 for last album Solstice To Dust and have sent stuff for trade (CDs + t-shirts). 

Still have no recorded voices, no CDs, no money! Alex Marquez is a classic american rip-offer!


Alex Marquez

435 sw 10 ave, apt 111

Miami, fl 33130