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Bob Eubank - lead vocals, bass
Jeff Rossbach - lead guitar
Rex "deadfoot" Rossbach - drugs


Rex Rossbach about Combat.


In 1984, we (the Rossbach brothers, Rex and Jeff) had been trying to put a band together. We had jammed with Chris "The Monarch" Weidner a year before, and he in turn tried to hook us up with Bob Eubank. Last minute Chris decided he wanted to join the band and COMBAT was launched in early 1985.

We knew Joe Leonard who was working at Combat Records. He told us they were interested in signing COMBAT to a record contract, but Combat Records didn't want a band called COMBAT on their label, so we became NAPALM. Next thing we knew our $200 demo became the Bootcamp EP released in 1986.

1000+ copies were pressed and sold, and Combat Records wanted us in the studio immediately to do a full length album. This caused a rift, and Monarch went on to do the next album without us. Monarch tried to make Combat Records honor the original contract with the new members, but ultimately left Combat Records for SPV/Steamhammer Records. This was thanks to Joe Leonard who had moved over to SPV/Steamhammer Records and brought NAPALM along with him. They put out a solid full length called Cruel Tranquility. About half of the songs are original COMBAT songs, with credits to the Rossbachs. Then with no original members left, the final NAPALM album, Zero To Black, was released and NAPALM was done.

In 2002, thanks to Bob Eubank's persistence, we reformed COMBAT. In 2007, in the true spirit of the original Bootcamp EP, we released our full length album, RUINATION. And second full length album, Age Of Discord, in 2011.